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How to get to The Markt

By Air:

The closest airport is Ostend - Bruges International Airport which is more than 30 minutes drive away, or 15 minutes by train.

By Sea:

If you are in the UK, specifically in Ramsgate in Kent, then there is an attractive option which is to take the car ferry from Ramsgate to Ostend, or Oostende as it may be written, and then take the train from there to Bruge.

For those more up the coast in England who can more easily get to Hull, then there is a ferry from Hull to Zeebruge which is equally close to Bruge.

By Rail:

Most visitors arrive by Rail at Brugge railway station which is the central station for lines going anywhere in Belgium towards the coast and as such has frequent service3 with all major cities within the country and also to France.  Although it is only less than 2km from the station to The Mark this is a long way for travelers arriving with luggage.  hence a taxi is recommended although it will take a much longer route due to one-way streets this will still take less than 10 minutes and will cost about �10 euros.


To the Markt itself

Once into Bruge, typically arriving at the train station, then it is an easy 20 minutes walk through interessting streets of the city to reach the Markt square.

You could take the number 12 or the number 3 bus.  Look for busses with direction "Centrum", and get off that station marked "Brugge Markt".  The bus stop is actually within The Markt square so you can easily tell when to get off.

However walking is more highly recommended.

Walking Route

Leave the station and cross the main road, it is a dual road but there is a good crossing just outside the station.  Cross the road and turn left.  You will be on Ketsbrugge - Straat with the the blue painted restaurant Tuf Tuf Brasserie on your right. 

After a few yards walk along the main road you come to the turning on the right into Oostmeers road, by crossing over a little bridge.  It doesn't really feel as a a bridge, but you may look over the edge at the water and know it is.  Walk on in the road, but not through the, unless you wish to take a nice detour!

With a high brick wall on your right you will have to the left views of the park, and then a nice traditional Thai restaurant beside a more typical Belgium tearoom.  Follow this quiet residential village road with views of the church spires in the distance.

At last the road comes narrow and to an end, here you turn to the right, and immediately again turn to the left into an even smaller road.  This time so small as to not allow cars called Orangeboomstraat.  Continue straight and the road becomes Lendestraat, and still very narrow.

Keep going until you come out into the major shopping street of Zuidzandstraat, and here turn right, following this big road until it becomes Steenstraat, and still continue and you will go directly into The Markt!

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