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East side

The east side of the market is now dominated by the Provincial Court. Because the Waterhalle had lost its original function and in poor condition, the central government of Brussels decides in 1787 to demolish it and replace it. The Reie was vaulted and there was a block -classical houses, from 1850 to the middle part was used as a Provincial Court.

In 1878 , the middle part destroyed by fire and in 1887 began the construction of a new Provincial Court and a post office in Gothic Revival style. The Provincial Court, in white stone and finished in 1892 , is the seat of the West Flanders Provincial, especially with an official and representative function. It is also sometimes used for exhibitions. It is commonly called the Hotel de Ville or "city hall".

To the right is the post office, in red brick and finished in 1891 .

The gray building to the left of the Provincial Court was later built, with a frontage of bluestone and a stair tower that is reminiscent of the Burghers' Lodge . Right below the tower is a gallery with banks, which on the first floor turns into a loggia.

The building was designed as a residence for the governor, but has never been used in that function. Now there are several public boards housed.

During excavation work in 1910 for the construction of this building on the corner of Philip Street Stock Market and were pillars of the Waterhalle found, which are now two in the Arentshof stand.

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