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Choices of food and drinks abound in The Markt.  Of course as a major tourist destination the majority of restaurants are catering to Tourists therefore we also suggest some very nearby alternatives.


  • Cambrinus, on your left as you go down Philipstockstraat from The Markt, a brick facsade and inviting lamps in the window at all times of the day of this historical building named after the King of Bear take you into a very traditional Bruge restaurant.


  • Curiosa, just off The Markt on the right as you go down Vlamingstraat, down a flight of stairs between the Optiek and the Fintro.


Cheap Eats

  • Frites stalls
  • Hamburgers at Q, the "Quick" restaurant in The Markt itself.  The cheapest place to have an outside table on the square.

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